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Please note that we DO NOT OFFER HAIRCUTS at this time, however we still perform the following grooming services:

  • Cleansing spa baths - price also includes blueberry facial scrub, ear cleaning, nail trimming/grinding, and checking anal glands (+ extra fee if glands need to be emptied).
  • Medicated baths - to treat "hot spots," skin allergies, and more.
  • Nail care - trimming with clippers and/or filing with grinder tool for a smooth finish.
  • Brush-outs and de-shedding (+ extra fee for matted coats)

Have you been searching for a vet clinic that accepts "payment plans" of some sort? Well, look no further... Starting this year, we are now offering Wellness Pet Plans. This program takes the yearly cost of your pet's wellness care and breaks it down into small, manageable monthly payments. Plus, by signing up you get an automatic discount on many of our services, such as nail trims and spa baths.