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Dental Cleaning

Have you been searching for a vet clinic that accepts "payment plans" of some sort? Well, look no further... Starting this year, we are now offering Wellness Pet Plans. This program takes the yearly cost of your pet's wellness care and breaks it down into easy, manageable monthly payments. Plus, by signing up you get an automatic discount on many of our services, such as dental cleanings. 

Dental care is an essential part of your pet's overall health. Kowaliga Whole Health creates a personalized wellness plan for every patient, including a dental care protocol designed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease is a common problem for pets and can lead to bad breath, infections, and damage to major organs such as the heart and kidneys. Regular exams provide an early warning system for developing issues in your pet’s mouth. The exam allows us to address these problems before they have a major impact on your pet’s health.

As needed, we will recommend that your pet have a professional veterinary dental cleaning. Dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia for the comfort and safety of your pet. Dr. Battistella thoroughly cleans the teeth above and below the gum line using ultrasonic technology. Polishing each tooth creates a smooth surface that resists the buildup of plaque. If your pet already suffers from periodontal disease, tooth extractions may be necessary.

After the dental exam and teeth cleaning, our staff helps you develop a home dental care routine for your pet to maintain good oral health. We have dental care products available that are specifically designed for cats and dogs.

Example of Before and After a Dental Cleaning