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NOTICE To All Clients - Regarding COVID-19

Kowaliga Whole Health Pet Care
8610 Kowaliga Rd
Eclectic, AL 36024

Dear Clientele,

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we would like to encourage “social distancing” and try to maintain services for your pets in a safe manner. I would like to have our employees come to the car to retrieve pets for their appointments, if at all possible. If it is not, please follow our sanitation guidelines of disinfecting hands on entry into the practice.

If you need a refill of medications, treats, supplements, or foods, you may call ahead and we can have them ready to deliver to the car, or they can be mailed, or ordered on our online store at      

Call 334-857-1816 before entering the building and we will assist you. We will also be doing more telemedicine veterinary calls.

Thank you for your continued support. We pray for good health for our clients as well as our pets.

Mary S. Battistella, DVM