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At Kowaliga Whole Health Pet Care & Resort, we value the experience of both clients and patients, and we are proud of the positive feedback we have received. Below are a few testimonials from our clients. We would love to hear about your own experience with us! Please send us an email or message us on Facebook to let us know how we are doing. 

"We came to Kowaliga Whole Health with a recommendation from a friend. At first I thought I was crazy to drive almost an hour to the vet. After the first visit, we knew we would make that drive with no complaints from then on. Dr. Battistella and her staff are absolutely amazing. From making recommendations for all our dogs to be on the best food (once we switched we were amazed at the skin issues that were gone!), to letting us know about vaccines needed for our dogs that camp with us, to helping keep everyone healthy and even being there when a coyote attacked one of ours (might I add answering the phone at 5AM and calming me down). So yes, I'm the one who will drive almost an hour to get the best care for my dogs. It is well worth the trip! And no one else will take care of them except her. I won't trust any of my dogs to anyone but her! She's the best and we love her!"

- Greg and Amber W., December 2016

"In 2012, my baby girl Marcie, a Boston Terrier, was diagnosed with a grade 2 mast cell tumor. At this age of seven, she had gone through years of allergies with some bad reactions. Mast cell tumors are typically caused by extreme allergic reactions which are so common in Boston Terriers. 

I had taken her to three different veterinarians before the offending spot on her was properly diagnosed. By that time, it had progressed to grade 2. The vet that diagnosed it was scheduled to remove it and then had to cancel the surgery date. I found Dr. Battistella two days before her surgery because I was looking for nutritional advice for this cancerous condition. When the regular vet canceled, I was a bit upset because of the urgency to remove the mast cell tumor. I called Dr. Battistella's office and they agreed to remove it the next day. The trip was 340 miles round trip, but that did not matter. In fact, we now make regular trips several times per year.

After Dr. Battistella removed the first tumor, Marcie had a few more pop up and they were removed promptly also. Dr. Battistella recommended a dietary change that included Chinese herbs. Later on, Dr. Battistella started using Nutrition Response Testing to combat the ongoing allergies. Sometimes her allergies were so bad that she would turn bright red on her face, abdomen, and paws, and her hair would fall out in clumps. This past summer, I kept waiting for the bad break out to start as it always did around August or September. It never came. Breakthrough at last! I am truly amazed and can only attribute it to the Nutrition Response Testing that Dr. Battistella has been doing for the last 18 months, as well as the use of Darwin's raw food that Dr. Battistella has in stock at her office. 

I was not asked to write this testimony, but choose to share this on my own. If your pet is suffering from any disease, I urge you to try NRT. The body heals itself over time and the result is astounding. I believe Dr. Battistella is the best in the south, so don't hesitate to listen to whatever she recommends. Thank you so much to her whole fantastic staff!"

- Kim L., November 2016

"Before we came to Kowaliga Whole Health Pet Care, my dog Sweet Pea wouldn't walk much. She didn't want to stay up on her hind legs because she was so weak. Her back legs shook really bad. She stumbled with her front feet. We had to pick her up and carry her everywhere. We also were unknowingly feeding a food that she was allergic to. Now, Sweet Pea is able to walk into the vet office. She doesn't have weak legs. She is more alert and we don't have to carry her anymore. The new medical regimen that Dr. Battistella has Sweet Pea on is making her healthier every day. Changing her diet also helped her."

- Gina Y., August 2016

"My initial reason for bringing my dog, Race, to Kowaliga Whole Health Pet Care was to evaluate his health to see if there was an issue that prevented him from functioning in a trial situation (agility) as he did in other situations. First we tried Nutrition Response Testing. During NRT, we eliminated everything we could. This did not improve his performance much. However, with consistent vet visits, Dr. Battistella has become familiar enough with him to identify issues that she has been able to treat with chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. Disappointing as it is to not have a 'magic bullet' that can create the dog in trial that I have in practice, I can comfortably retire him from competition knowing that I've done all I can do. As far as Race's overall health, he has never been better. The itching and dry skin that has plagued him all his life is gone. I couldn't be more pleased."

- Beth W., July 2016

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